For two past two centuries, Keren Eizer L'Yoldos has been there for our poverty-stricken sisters in Eretz Yisroel, the Torah-committed families whose learning amidst material deprivation is of the highest value in shamayim.

When a new neshamala is brought into the world by these families, Keren Eizer L'Yoldos steps in to ease their dire financial situation with food, clothing and other necessities for mother and baby.

Every. Single. Dingle. Day.

Every day, three to five new babies are welcomed to the list of close to 30,000 individuals being supported by Rabbi Meyer Baal Haness Kolel Chibas Jerusalem. Those vulnerable new mothers count on your support in time of need. Bring a smile to a poor yiddisha mama's face. Your donations build generations.

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